So you want to be a Loadsharers adviser…


There are three qualifications for this role:

  • On-the-ground knowledge about people doing LBIP work.

  • An existing adviser has to trust your judgment enough to link to your adviser page. It’s a peer-to-peer trust network.

  • Public reputation, while not absolutely essential, is more likely to get you into the adviser part of the network. We prefer to recruit advisers who are well-known names that will add to the drawing power of Loadsharers.


You will want to set up an account on a remittance service with notifications, so loadsharers can choose to follow your updates. Such services presently include Patreon and SubscribeStar.

We recommend creating a $1 tier (lowest possible price) for people who want to follow your updates without making you one of their three primarily supported LBIPs.

You will need to set up an adviser page to recomend LBIPs. One of the earliest and strongest pieces of feedback we received went like this:

> As is, one thing that grates a bit personally is that the two advisor
> pages do not share a common structure - If I'm doing a comparison,
> even unconsciously, I'm going to want to be looking at like objects.

Accordingly, when you make your adviser page, please don’t get creative about the format. It’s probably best if you clone this page by the founder of Loadsharers and modify the content while leaving the structure more or less intact.

Another guideline: Reduce the friction cost of giving as much as possible. When one of your LBIPs has a remittance service account, make your link to him/her a live one so that users can click through rather than having to cut & paste.

Use the logo on your page, too.

Note: That page is made with asciidoc. Using asciidoc to render your page to HTML will tend to give it a common structure and appearance with other adviser pages. This is desirable.


Your duty as an adviser is to to help loadsharers decide where to put their support.

You’ll attract and keep more attention, and thus have more influence, if you post regular small updates to your feed about the LBIPs and projects you are recommending.

Who you choose to direct them to and how you formulate you advice is up to you; the Loadsharers design is intended to distribute the evaluation task over multiple advisers with differing experience and viewpoints in order to avoid single-point-of-failure problems.

That said, it will be most helpful if you use similar language and categories to other advisers, so please do that. Over time, I expect we will learn from each other and the network’s language will improve.

A note about spelling

Yes, "adviser" and "advisor" are both correct spellings. According to several dictionaries "adviser" is both the more common and the older form, so that’s what we use on these pages.